Blockchain 2022 Review

2022 was a breakthrough year for blockchain. The technology revolutionized the way data is stored and transferred, while also giving content creators enhanced control of their work. NFTs were especially popular in this new landscape, opening up exciting opportunities for individuals and companies alike. Additionally, blockchain started to play a role in environmental sustainability actions as well as improving companies’ efficiency. Here is our look back at the year.

Blockchain gaming took off

In 2022, blockchain gaming was in full swing. Companies were developing new and exciting ways to use the power of the blockchain in gaming applications. Cryptocurrency-backed games allowed gamers to store their assets and transact in a secure environment. Developers used the technology to create virtual worlds that multiple players could interact with and explore, creating an immersive and unique experience like never before. In this blog post, we went over the 5 most popular blockchain games in 2022.

Blockchain helped promote sustainability

The innovative use of blockchain technology was beginning to help the environment. Companies were using blockchain-based platforms to record energy use and facilitate renewable energy transactions. Carbon emission tracking and trading systems were becoming more common, enabling companies and individuals worldwide to reduce their carbon footprint. We went over how blockchain is helping the environment in this blog post. 

Blockchain increased the efficiency of big companies

At least 81 of the top 100 public companies have used blockchain in 2022. Companies like Samsung, VISA, Shopify, Nvidia, Amazon, and Intel, all have live blockchain operations. The distributed ledger provided a secure and transparent platform for recording transactions, verifying identities, and executing complex contracts. By utilizing the power of the blockchain, these companies were leading the way towards a more secure and efficient future. In this blog post, we shared some examples of how the top companies have adopted blockchain technology.

NFTs continued to boom

Despite 2022’s chaotic second half, the NFT space has seen tremendous success. Everyone from companies to pop stars and athletes is getting involved with their own projects! This blog post rounds up the 10 most successful NFT projects of all time and examines what makes each one so noteworthy – making this a must-read for anyone looking to learn from established NFT leaders.

Social Tokens have changed the game

Blockchain technology has revolutionized sports and entertainment by empowering athletes, teams, and celebrities to actively engage with their fans through Social Tokens. These digital assets offer a variety of benefits ranging from an enhanced connection between supporters to tangible incentives for investing in tokens. In this post, we uncovered the many benefits of these game-changing tokens in sports.

Blockchain as a new instrument

NFTs have revolutionized the music industry by giving artists an innovative way to promote and monetize their work. By using blockchain technology, musicians are able to directly engage with fans in a new digital medium that offers close connection while creating unique opportunities for financial reward. In this article, we explored how bands of all sizes are benefiting from NFTs.

Blockchain transformed the creator economy

Blockchain has significantly enhanced the creator economy. NFTs meant that creators can now share, monetize and trade their content. The metaverse offered influencers an innovative way to display and sell their work. And Social Tokens have helped creators drive loyalty and build lasting bonds with their followers. In this post, we shared the many ways Blockchain is impacting the creator ecosystem.

Companies tapped into the power of Crypto payments

In 2022, many companies have started accepting crypto payments. Paying in crypto means a payment that’s fast, secure, and easy to use. Additionally, it opens up new markets. People view businesses that accept crypto as ‘innovative and forward-thinking. However, there are many things to consider before accepting crypto. In this article, we went over the benefits, getting started, and some important tips for crypto payments.

First World Cup NFTs

It’s estimated that over 1.5 billion people watched the 2022 World Cup final. In preparation for the tournament, partnering companies like Budweiser and Visa have released World Cup NFTs to promote the event and bring fans closer to their favorite teams. Those NFTs presented a new way to collect and share top moments from the World Cup. We explored how NFTs were utilized in this blog post.

Centralization continued to fail 

In November 2022, the second largest crypto exchange by trading volume, FTX, collapsed. This event marked a major milestone in the crypto space. Ever since the meltdown, lawmakers have been heavily pushing for tighter regulations. Everything that happened with FTX is what we, at Peerplays, have been warning about. Centralized exchanges are failing us. We shared our stance on the fall of FTX in this post.

Growing blockchain trends

In the past year, blockchain has undergone some massive transformation, improvement, and adoption.

Experts expect several key blockchain trends to dominate in 2023. Among them are more technological improvements, government adoption and regulations, and a growing trend towards content monetization through blockchain. You can find the key insights in this blog post

We’ve released a comprehensive blog post guide 

Whether you’re new to Peerplays blockchain or looking for updated technical documentation as a seasoned developer, we got you covered! We’ve compiled a range of resources and information from our website to serve as a comprehensive guide to Peerplays. In this blog article, we highlighted the specific resources available to help you quickly and easily find the information you need.

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