Major Peerplays Updates

In the last week, there have been significant advancements and updates surrounding SONs and Peerlink. These updates are indicative of our ongoing commitment to enhancing existing products and introducing new approaches for supporting the crypto community. These are the latest blockchain happenings.

SONs Update

We’ve been rigorously preparing for a major mainnet release. This upcoming release will have many exciting features like enhancements to Bitcoin SONs as well as Ethereum SONs!

Sidechains help move tokens, and perform transactions faster and cheaper. They’re a decentralized way to seamlessly transfer value between various blockchains. And SONs are the nodes that make Sidechains Operate.  SONs provide a way for blockchains to interact harmoniously. They solve the Inter-Blockchain Communication problem.

We are now very close to the completion of Ethereum SONs. Currently, there are some bugs and important requirements that are being addressed. For Ethereum SONs, the primary focus was to provide support for ETH, but we’re now exploring ERC20 tokens as well. 

In parallel, we are also starting to provide support for the Binance Chain (BNB – formerly called Binance Smart Chain or BSC). We’ve begun investigating sidechain operating nodes for BNB. This is exciting news as BNB is the 5th largest crypto (as of December 2022) by market cap with a huge ecosystem.


We’re in the final stages of completing the front-end work for Peerlink. This project allows users to link up with the Hive Layer2 ecosystem, as well as with projects from both the Ethereum and Peerplays families. We’re planning a demonstration this week alongside the Speak team, during which we’ll be showcasing our progress so far. 

One particular challenge that arose throughout this process was the lack of compatibility with ERC20 tokens. However, we’ve been working hard on finding solutions to this problem and we are close to achieving a successful outcome in this regard. 

In order to ensure that Peerlink works in synergy with these technologies, we have been exploring different ways to bridge the gap between these blockchain networks. Our goal is to make sure that users can access all the features they need effortlessly when they use Peerlink. 

SONs and Peerlink Updates – All that’s new

We have made significant updates on SONs and Peerlink. We are always working hard to improve our products and services so that we can better serve the blockchain community. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and developments – thank you for your continued support!

About Peerplays

Peerplays is not an organization, a company or a single individual. We’re a global community of product developers, marketers and creators who are deeply passionate about building a global people-driven, blockchain experience. We’re committed to developing new paradigms in blockchain technology, building a network that offers decentralized, scalable and secure solutions. We believe in delivering the best tools possible by developing human-friendly systems to the highest security standards that benefit every witness in the Peerplays blockchain community. Every member of the Peerplays global team is a proven thought-leader in their respective fields and bring many years of research, development and implementation expertise. Become a witness today!

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