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showcase the Peerplays Vision for 2024.
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Peerplays Vision
Peerplays collaborates with Gaming Benefits Corp and the Government Blockchain Association, integrating charitable gaming and digital identity solutions into the blockchain, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and social responsibility. Strategic Partnerships 01 / 09 Next: Graphene Chain Technology Download the Full 2024 Peerplays Vision Doc (PDF) Our advanced graphene chain offers unparalleled performance for gaming, emphasizing speed, security, and a flat-fee gas structure.

This ensures a transparent, efficient gaming experience with high transaction capabilities and trustworthiness.
Graphene Chain
02 / 09 Next: Gamified Proof of Stake (GPOS) Back to Strategic Partnerships
Our unique GPOS mechanism incentivizes active PPY token holder participation in blockchain governance, merging gaming dynamics with staking and voting.

This approach not only enhances security and democracy but also enriches the gaming experience on Peerplays.
Gamified Proof
of Stake (GPOS)
03/ 09 Next: Sidechain Operator Nodes (SONs) Back to Graphene Chain Technology
SONs enable interoperability with major blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hive.

This fosters a diverse and integrated gaming ecosystem, allowing varied blockchain functionalities within the Peerplays platform.
Sidechain Operator Nodes (SONs) 04/ 09 Next: Peerplays Random Number Generator (RNG) Back to Gamified Proof of Stake (GPOS)
Our GLI-certified RNG ensures fairness and transparency in gaming outcomes, supporting various gaming areas including eSports, iGaming, and lotteries. Peerplays Random Number Generator (RNG) 05/ 09 Next: Innovative NFT Standards & Marketplace Back to Sidechain Operator Nodes (SONs) Peerplays supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs, along with a unique non-transferable certificate type for acknowledging achievements.

Our marketplace facilitates seamless trading and innovative uses of NFTs in gaming, like the 50-50 lottery feature.
Innovative NFT Standards and Marketplace 06/ 09 Next: Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Back to Peerplays Random Number Generator (RNG)
Launched in 2023, our DEX offers secure, efficient trading of prominent cryptocurrencies, enhancing the democratization of access to crypto markets and integrating them with our gaming ecosystem. Decentralized Exchange (DEX) 07/ 09 Next: peerClub: NFT-Based Events Platform Back to innovative NFT Standards & Marketplace PeerClub tokenizes events as NFTs, adding value and uniqueness to event participation. This platform empowers users to create and engage in diverse blockchain-based events. PeerClub: NFT-Based Events Platform 08/ 09 Next: Vision 2024 summary Back to decentralized exchange (DEX) As we embark on this journey, we invite you to be part of our endeavor to redefine blockchain gaming. With a focus on innovation, inclusivity, and gaming excellence, Peerplays is poised to shape the future of the digital gaming landscape. Join Peerplays in 2024 09/ 09 Download the full 2024 peerplays vision doc (PDF) Back to peerClub: NFT-Based Events Platform Back to the beginning Reggie lands on Planet Dinglebot, inhabited by the Dinglebotians - a species of tiny, hyper-intelligent robots.
He approaches their queen, offering a Nebulon 3000 as a gift.
She is intrigued but demands a test of intelligence first.
Reggie must prove his worth or face expulsion.
Dinglebotian Diplomacy Skip To End skip_next 10/ 15 Accept the challenge Attempt to flee
Reggie returns to Xylophia, determined to make amends.
He offers to replant the broken branch and, with the help of the Nebulon 3000's "Botanical Repair" feature, successfully heals the damaged plant.
The Xylophians, grateful for his sincere efforts, forgive Reggie and welcome him back.
More sales opportunities arise, and Reggie's reputation is restored.
Xylophian Redemption Skip To End skip_next 11/ 15 Visit Planet Dinglebot Return home, victorious
Reggie accepts the Dinglebotian queen's challenge and faces a series of complex riddles and puzzles.
To his surprise, he solves them all, thanks to his quick wit and the Nebulon 3000's "Intellect Amplifier" mode.
Impressed, the queen purchases several gadgets, and Reggie leaves with a newfound sense of accomplishment.
The Intelligence Test Skip To End skip_next 12/ 15 Back To Title Screen
Reggie, intimidated by the Dinglebotian queen's intelligence test, decides to flee.
However, his escape attempt is thwarted by the hyper-intelligent robots.
The queen, displeased by his cowardice, banishes Reggie from the planet.
Another potential sale, lost.
Fleeing Failure Skip To End skip_next 13/ 15 Return to Xylophia for redemption Return home, defeated
With successful sales on Xylophia and newfound friendships, Reggie returns home, victorious.
His reputation as an intergalactic salesman is cemented, and the Nebulon 3000 becomes a highly sought-after gadget across the cosmos.
The end of one adventure and the beginning of many more for Reggie Nebulon.
A Salesman's Triumph Skip To End skip_next 14/ 15 Back To Title Screen
Reggie, defeated by his failures on Gazorpazorp and Dinglebot, returns home with a heavy heart.
While his journey didn't go as planned, he's learned valuable lessons about perseverance and adaptability.
The end of one adventure, but Reggie Nebulon is not one to give up easily.
He'll be back.
A Bitter End Skip To End skip_next 15/ 15 Back To Title Screen