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What happens when you combine 3rd generation blockchain technology with the $3 trillion a year wagering industry? Peerplays

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Just like a traditional company, Peerplays digital tokens allow you to elect or fire your leadership, vote for budget proposals, and share in the profits. Peerplays puts the power of the blockchain at your fingertips - with fast transactions, simple & secure digital currency trading, and peer-to-peer gambling like you have never seen before.

Profit From Every Play

If you have Peerplays tokens in your digital wallet, you automatically earn profits from every play - every single day - and in every supported digital currency worldwide. The Peerplays network collects fees for peer-to-peer wagering on sports games, lottery tickets, casino games and more, and a percentage of these fees are automatically distributed to you, the Peerplays token holder.

...and Behold a New World of Transparency

The Peerplays blockchain introduces a technological leap in gaming transparency that is years ahead of the competition. All code is open-source, eliminating all doubt about the fairness of the games. You never have to worry about being hacked, cheated or having your personal information compromised, so you can focus on more important things - like destroying your opponents!


Sports Betting from Anywhere in the World!

Peerplays introduces the next generation of sports betting - where anyone can become a bookie. There is are no central servers where betting takes place - but rather all bets and trades are made over the peer-to-peer network. With Peerplays, you can wager on sporting events from anywhere in the world without restrictions, and all payouts are guaranteed by the blockchain.

Texas Hold 'em Poker - No Rake Fees!

That's right! You can now play Texas Hold'em without having to pay the huge fees charged by other online casinos. This is possible because the Peerplays blockchain has low operational overhead, which allows the network to apply "zero rake fees" to certain games. Texas Hold'em poker will be one of them.

Instant Lottery Tickets

Traditional lotteries are expensive to run, and payouts are often less than 50% of the money collected. With Peerplays instant lottery, up to 95% of the money spent on tickets is paid back to our players. There are few lotteries on Earth that even come close to this.

Will Peerplays instant lottery be your ticket to freedom? Digital "scratch & win" has never been so easy to play. Want to share the excitement with a friend? Send them a Peerplays instant lottery ticket via social media or email message.

How Is Peerplays So Innovative?
Peerplays Does Gaming Unlike Anyone Else
  • Instead of hosting games on a server, Peerplays games are built directly onto the blockchain.
  • You simply download the Peerplays app, create and fund your account on the blockchain, and you are ready to play!
  • This means you have the freedom to buy a lottery ticket, build a Fantasy Football league, go head-to-head in your favorite board game or wager in a Texas Hold 'em poker tournament against your peers from anywhere in the world without restrictions.
Built-in Digital Asset Exchange
  • As a player, you should be able to choose what currency or token you would like to wager on a game.
  • Peerplays has a worldwide asset exchange featuring SmartCoin technology, so you can always select your currency of choice from US Dollars, Euros and Chinese Yuan, to popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Steem.
  • On top of that, throw in an eBay style marketplace for buying & selling in-game assets, and you just might start to feel the power that Peerplays places at your fingertips.
Open-Source Software Code Means Provably Fair Games
  • Every Peerplays game takes place between you and other players on the autonomous peer-to-peer network. The blockchain simply holds your wager in escrow, and then releases the jackpot once the winner is verified.
  • You never have to worry about being hacked, cheated or having your personal information compromised, because Peerplays does not require any personal information to play.
  • Peerplays' uses provably fair open-source software code. All transactions are cryptographically secured by the blockchain, and anyone can audit the network at any time
Game Developers & Peerplays - A Winning Team
  • If you are a game developer, finding new revenue streams and growing your user base requires that you provide an experience for your players that is both unique and exciting.
  • With Peerplays' out-of-the-box solutions for processing wagers and jackpots, setting fee schedules and fund distribution methods, and creating custom brackets for eSports tournaments, you can sit back and watch as your profitability shoots towards the moon.
  • Peerplays' "hosted client" infrastructure allows you to tap into the network while still operating your own independent website, and the Peerplays API provides you with many tools for enhancing your existing games - whether they are single player, multiplayer, or MMORPG.
The Blockchain-Guaranteed Referral Program
  • For the first time in history, you can participate in a gaming network that guarantees payment for every active player's account you introduce. This is possible thanks to the cryptographically secured smart contract built directly into the Peerplays blockchain.
  • A percentage of all the network fees paid by the person you refer is automatically transferred back to you for the lifetime of their account.
  • For gaming partners, this means huge revenues are possible by simply onboarding your existing users to Peerplays.
Lightning Fast Speed & Network Capacity
  • The Peerplays global network couldn't operate with anything less than the #1 fastest decentralized blockchain technology in the world, and that's why we built Peerplays with Graphene.
  • Graphene is a powerful new blockchain engine that has been tested to handle over 100,000 transactions per second with average block times of under 3 seconds.
  • Graphene is blockchain on steroids, wrapped in a nuclear generator and powered by dilithium crystals. It's equipped to handle millions of players at the same time. Millions... who are waiting for you!
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