Machines can't feel a thing. But you do.
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Peerplays is the first ever blockchain
Humanizing your experience of crypto.

Join the movement to bring you crypto ecosystems that understand you, build relationships & maximize your freedom.

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Peerplays is…

Peerplays is the first, and only, blockchain network to put humans at the center of it all while helping other blockchain networks do the same.

There is something missing when we want to use emerging technologies in our day-to-day life. A sense of connection or personal involvement with what's happening.

The peerplays blockchain uses GPoS (Gamified Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm to provide the most transparent, secure, and fairest decentralized system available today.

With GPoS, you can grow your Peerplays’ PPY by participating in the blockchain. When you vote, you get a reward for helping make Peerplays safe. This reward is based on how well the Dapps are doing. This way, PPY stays deflationary and goes up in value as it secures the blockchain.

It's where technology meets real-life. And happens as naturally as life itself.

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What is in the works

  • Loaded with tools

  • Proof of Pulse Consensus

  • Decentralized Finance

  • Multiple Assets

  • Customize Your Experience

  • Hybrid Apps

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