Peerplays Vision 2023

Looking back on 2022 as a period of positive transition and re-building at Peerplays, we’ve made incredible progress in key areas of growth, including our innovative technology infrastructure, product development planning and strategic partner collaborations.

As we embrace the challenges of the year ahead, we’re excited to share the Peerplays Vision 2023 document. In it, we outline key areas of our 2023 planning, including:

Why Peerplays?

This year, Peerplays empowers people’s freedom to create greater outcomes in how they own and collaborate worldwide

Who Is This For?

The ideal audience for Peerplays are individuals and organizations who value autonomy gained through decentralized systems.

2023 Collaborations

We are taking a proactive role in the development of Decentralized ID standards with the Government Blockchain Association to build on top of their Blockchain Maturity Model Certification.

Future Outcomes

In 2023, our approach will be one of applied technology to “market needs” rather than “technology first”.

We invite you to download and review the vision document to ensure we’re aligned as a team on the journey ahead in 2023!

About Peerplays

Peerplays is not an organization, a company or a single individual. We’re a global community of product developers, marketers and creators who are deeply passionate about building a global people-driven, blockchain experience. We’re committed to developing new paradigms in blockchain technology, building a network that offers decentralized, scalable and secure solutions. We believe in delivering the best tools possible by developing human-friendly systems to the highest security standards that benefit every witness in the Peerplays blockchain community. Every member of the Peerplays global team is a proven thought-leader in their respective fields and bring many years of research, development and implementation expertise. Become a witness today!

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