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The Peerplays Product Development Team are currently focusing on two main areas to push for an alpha release of our blockchain platform. We are actively working on addressing special cases that’s prevents the release candidate to  be compatible with the mainnet & sync.  We are working to address these changes and overcoming any obstacles to ensure a smooth release. The second area of focus is ongoing research on the Substrate and Moonbeam technology stack. Specifically, we are currently working on identifying consensus and node selection methodologies.

Upcoming blockchain features

We are currently in the process of developing a variety of new features for our platform. In addition to addressing these bugs, we are also actively working on a number of new features for our blockchain platform. These include the introduction of Ethereum SONs with support for ETH asset, which is a major milestone for us. We are also deploying multiple smart contracts into the Ethereum side and managing them through SONs. This is a truly decentralized approach to smart contract deployment and upgrades. It’s possible that this breakthrough has never been attempted before!

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Various SONs

As we continue to support various sidechains, it’s important to note that each one will have its own unique set of Sidechain Operating Nodes (SONs). These SONs are responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of the sidechain. They are crucial for ensuring that the network functions as intended. Each sidechain has its own specific needs and requirements. This is why we will tailor the SONs for each one accordingly. This approach allows us to provide the best possible service for each sidechain. It also guarantees the highest level of security and efficiency.

Improved Bitcoin SONs functionality

We are excited to announce that our Bitcoin SONs (Sidechain Operating Nodes) will feature enhanced functionality through the use of the libbitcoin server rather than the traditional bitcoind program. This is a significant undertaking. Why? Because bitcoind, being the original bitcoin software, has its limitations. Thus, it has led to the development of alternate implementations with additional features. Similar to the different types of browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc, libbitcoin offers an alternative server to connect to the bitcoin network, providing a wealth of additional features and stability. Many crypto exchanges have been using libbitcoin for their bitcoin trading and backend operations due to its enhanced capabilities. Developers also benefit from the diverse set of features offered by libbitcoin.

Connection Pools

To improve reliability and prevent single points of failure, we are introducing connection pools to Sidechain API endpoints. This means that instead of connecting to a single server, you will be connected to multiple servers, so if one goes down, you can seamlessly switch to another. This is similar to how Google Meet has multiple endpoints, and if one goes down, you are automatically connected to another. We are implementing this for Bitcoin and Hive SONs to ensure “fault tolerance” similar to having a modem internet connection at home and a cellular connection as a backup for seamless browsing experience.

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A new blockchain platform is underway

We’re excited to announce that we’re making a major move to Peerplays 2.0. Our current platform has its limitations, and we’re moving to a newer platform that offers better support for smart contracts, improved runtime, and more. This new platform is built using the Substrate SDK and the Rust programming language, which will also allow us to change our consensus model. Currently, we’re a graphene-based blockchain developed in C++, but we’re actively learning and working to integrate our consensus mechanism, Proof of Pulse, on this new Substrate-based blockchain. This will enable us to eventually release Peerplays 2.0.

Moonbeam for Ethereum Interoperability 

We are working towards achieving compatibility between Peerplays and the Ethereum mainnet, drawing inspiration from Moonbeam, a blockchain on the Polkadot network that already has interoperability with Ethereum. As a parachain, Moonbeam serves as a valuable example for us as we strive to achieve similar interoperability for Peerplays.

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NEX development Release 0.5.0

There is a new development release for NEX. Here is a development list of all the ongoing items for this release.  It includes many features and enhancements to the Market, GPOS voting feature, and Block Explorer pages.

Nimbal for QA Automation

We have been utilizing Nimbal extensively in our workflow for NEX. As a result, we have automated more than 50 scenarios so far & actively adding more. We are now using Nimbal for performance and regression testing.


To sum it all up, we are focusing on two main areas to push for the alpha release of our blockchain platform: existing bugs that are preventing the sync of the alpha release with the mainnet and conducting ongoing research on the Substrate and Moonbeam technology stack. 

We are also actively working on new features such as Ethereum SONs, various SONs, Improved Bitcoin SONs functionality, Connection Pools, and a new blockchain platform Peerplays 2.0. Additionally, we are striving to achieve compatibility between Peerplays and Ethereum mainnet, drawing inspiration from Moonbeam. We are also getting closer to NEX Release with 0.5.0 being the current development version and are extensively incorporating Nimbal into our workflow for NEX to ensure high-quality assurance.

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We are dedicated to empowering people’s freedom to create greater outcomes, giving them control over how they own and collaborate worldwide. The core foundation for Peerplays success in 2023 relies primarily on the release and promotion of mechanisms incorporating decentralized ID, gamification, and ‘handshake’ like onboarding that is easily accessible to people who use smartphones. At Peerplays, we are on a mission to revolutionize the world of blockchain technology and empower individuals with the freedom to take control of their digital lives. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are constantly on the lookout for the most talented individuals who share our passion for innovation and our commitment to decentralization. If you believe in the transformative potential of blockchain technology and are eager to contribute your skills and expertise to this groundbreaking project, we want to hear from you.

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