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In today’s world of identity management, the process is not always straightforward. With the rise of blockchain technology, there is a need for new ways to manage user and identity information within any application. But the current space has its own challenges. Peerplays offers PeerID, a solution that involves cryptography-based account access which is massively secure compared to the traditional username and password-based authentication.

The goal of PeerID is to help dApp developers build applications using the flagship robust capabilities, and tamper-proof impenetrable security offered by Peerplays.


PeerID is an open-source, identity management product built on Peerplays Blockchain. It is one of Peerplays’ flagship features to quickly onboard new users.

Peerplays is building a user management and SSO platform. Why? To help anyone create an account on the Peerplays blockchain using their email address, Facebook or Google. Dapp developers will be able to set up various permissions so they can take full advantage of PeerID.

The process of authenticating an app is similar to registering a new one. First, you need a client id and secret key along with what permissions your application requires on the Peerplays blockchain. Unlike most other platforms that store passwords or keys anywhere else in their database. PeerID uses customized permissions to perform operations on behalf of the user.

Peerplays’ NFT Store Project will have user accounts issued and maintained through the PeerID system integration.

PeerID components

  1. Account creation

There are two modes to create an account within dApps. One is the traditional, simpler method by using third-party services like email or Facebook. More might be included in the future. Alternatively, you can go through the more advanced process which involves generating blockchain keys and accounts on the Faucet Of Peerplays core network.

  1. Retrieving Peerplays keys 

In the unlikely case that a user requests their Peerplays private keys or master password, this irreversible action will mean all third parties authorized be deleted from databases.

  1. dApp provisioning

Developers will be able to use the PeerID CLI wallet for all of their dApp provisioning needs. From creating Minted Tokens, and assigning permissions, to configuring third-party callback URLs with one simple interface! Developers can take advantage of high-security accounts. Safer transactions for sensitive transactions! For example, minting new tokens or assigning rights to apps in the development stage.

  1. dApp permissions

Permissions on the blockchain can be set by varying conditions. This gives dApps more flexibility and power, as they’re able to interact with third-party services like KYC verification apps for example.

  1. Miscellaneous features

Lots of features for enhanced security and control. Features like unauthorizing third-party services, multi-factor authentication, anti-phishing features, etc.

An Easy-to-Use Social Login Feature

With the rise of blockchain technology, there has been an increase in demand for better ways to manage user information on dApps. Peerplays offers a new and improved way of managing identity called PeerID. This solution is more secure than traditional username and password-based authentication. 

PeerID is a versatile solution for easy user management and onboarding. 

About Peerplays

Peerplays is not an organization, a company or a single individual. We’re a global community of product developers, marketers and creators who are deeply passionate about building a global people-driven, blockchain experience. We’re committed to developing new paradigms in blockchain technology, building a network that offers decentralized, scalable and secure solutions. We believe in delivering the best tools possible by developing human-friendly systems to the highest security standards that benefit every witness in the Peerplays blockchain community. Every member of the Peerplays global team is a proven thought-leader in their respective fields and bring many years of research, development and implementation expertise. Become a witness today!

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