In the past, a small group of companies had control over the content we consumed. We had little to no say in the process. But then came the internet, and everything changed. Web 2.0 brought us the creator economy, along with a significant paradigm shift. The world of entertainment and news is not what it...
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NFTs are bound to become the future standard in digital ownership. From tokenizing paintings to saving the planet and decentralizing real estate, NFTs have real-world utility. And in parallel, NFTs have supreme value in the Metaverse. Since the birth of Virtual Reality, there’s been a need for new ways to interact with the digital world....
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 If we go back 30 years from now, video gaming was barely a popular hobby, and investors were hardly convinced to invest in it. Now, video gaming has become a billion-dollar industry. Although blockchain in gaming is a new technology, it is becoming increasingly popular among gamers worldwide. In 2021 alone, blockchain gaming investments reached $2.5...
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