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    Who votes for Witnesses? The job of Peerplays witness is a paid position, but there aren’t any job interviews or resumes. Instead, to become a witness you need to convince the Peerplays community (PPY token holders) to vote for you. The Peerplays core wallet makes it easy for PPY holders to vote for witnesses. Anyone who holds PPY can do this by adding the name of the witness to the voting tab. The wallet then sends the information about their votes directly to the Peerplays blockchain. Every few hours, the Peerplays blockchain tallies all the votes from all PPY

To Enter, create an original piece promoting any aspect of PeerPlays and upload your content to Steemit. Share your graphic, opinion piece, or other original creation (original Steemit link) to your Facebook & Twitter accounts! The winner will be determined by the total resteems on Steemit, the $ amount on Steemit (get the whales singing!), total likes and shares on Facebook, and total likes and retweets on Twitter. The winner will receive $500 in Bitcoin! You must use the following hashtags on all platforms to ensure your likes and tweets are properly counted: #PeerPlays #Crowdfund and #Winning . Your content

  If you are a user of Telegram it is now easier to chat about Peerplays at our official Telegram group. Simply go to and join and share with friends! We also offer our Rocketchat at

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The following document contains many important details about Peerplays, including an outline of the Primary Crowdfund, the finalized token allocations, sneak previews of our development plans, an analysis of the industry, and an overview of the PBSA. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at, or you can ask Jonathan or Michael in person during our weekly live hangout and Q&A session on the Beyond Bitcoin Show. Here’s how to join: Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon! The Peerplays Team

Debert, Nova Scotia – February 17, 2017 – Peerplays (, a peer-to-peer gaming and wagering platform designed to displace traditional sportsbooks and online casinos, has raised US$4 million in donations from strategic parties in advance of its crowdfund which will begin on Sunday, February 26, 2017. “We’ve had a lot of proactive interest from various players since we launched our test net a few months ago,” said Jonathan Baha’i, President of the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA), “and Peerplays has now grown into an international multi-party effort. We decided to accept early donations from those whom we are confident will

The Peerplays team would like to announce the official crowdfund date. The Peerplays crowdfund will begin on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 15:00 UTC. Details of the Peerplays crowdfund will be released in the coming weeks.   Please stay tuned to Beyond Bitcoin every Friday morning at 15:00 UTC for the latest Peerplays updates, including live Q&A with Peerplays founders Jonathan Baha’i and Michael Maloney.

PEERPLAYS Snapshot Date The Peerplays team would like to announce the snapshot date for the PEERPLAYS token. If you are holding or trading PEERPLAYS tokens right now, please read this announcement carefully!   Why is a PEERPLAYS snapshot needed? From May to June of 2016, $500,000 USD in Bitcoin was donated to the Peerplays blockchain project by contributors in a public pre-ICO crowdfund. These contributors received receipts for their donations in the form of digital tokens called “PEERPLAYS”, which later became tradeable on the BitShares decentralized exchange. If you currently hold or trade PEERPLAYS tokens on Bitshares, you are holding one of

The first Peerplays on-chain game has arrived! Join the Peerplays testnet right now and be a part of blockchain history Peerplays is about replacing the need for for centrally controlled and restricted online gambling platforms with a provably-fair and open wagering system. Hold on to your joysticks folks…we are about to crash the party. Today, the world’s first real-time interactive game built entirely on the blockchain is ready for you to play! Since all games on Peerplays take place peer-to-peer, you must have a partner or group of people to play against. Here are some suggestions for finding partners: Invite a friend or family member to create an account and

The Peerplays Test net is NOW LIVE The first Peerplays public test net has launched today. Go to to check it out. The following functions are available for testing this week: Create an account and receive a few test tokens from the faucet (available now) Create new assets, send & receive assets, trade assets on the decentralized exchange (available this week) Create and register a new tournament, or join an existing tournament (available this week) A sample Genesis block, so BTS holders can check their sharedrop balances by importing their BTS keys (available now). NOTE: BTS order book balances

Peerplays Test Net to go LIVE September 26th We are happy to announce that we are on schedule to begin public beta testing of the world’s first real-time interactive on-chain game on Monday, September 26th. More information about how you can get involved with testing will be available soon.   Updates for the website The website is getting a makeover, with updated milestones and timelines, a countdown clock to the auction crowdsale, and a ton of new information about the project. Be sure to stop by on September 26th to check out the new digs.   Referral Rewards Program pushed back a

The Peerplays team is happy to announce the date for the BitShares (BTS) token snapshot. *For the date, please scroll down to The Details.   What is a Snapshot? Snapshots are a way of distributing ownership of tokens in a blockchain, and share-dropping is the vehicle through which shares in the new chain are proportionally issued. The token allocations for the Peerplays blockchain can be found here. When the Peerplays chain is launched, the genesis block or “first record” contains shares that can only be unlocked using the private keys that correspond to each public key that was recorded in