We are the builders of freedom.
Join us as we build tools for a better tomorrow, today!

We’re on a mission to humanize crypto, maximize freedom and choices.

We empower people with the tools they need to regain control and options, because crypto is all about freedom.

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Join us in our mission to create a decentralized, versatile
blockchain where users have options and power.

The people at Peerplays are building the future of crypto together. We have a diverse, international workforce that brings different perspectives and ideas to the table - which is just one way we make sure each project has enough innovation for everyone involved! You’re invited to join us!

Our Code of Culture

problem solvers

We’re Problem Solvers

We are not afraid to take on the most difficult challenges and we do so with bravery. We dare because that’s what others can’t or won’t do, but it is also our way of making a difference in this world by using blockchain technology for good.

value teamwork

We Value Teamwork

The importance of teamwork is integral to how we work and complete projects. We maintain a cohesive team, where everyone’s voice is heard, appreciated and valued equally.

encourage creativity

We Encourage Creativity & Innovation

The world would be a boring place without creative thinking, innovative minds and ambitious individuals. We always pull ideas from everyone around us and we encourage everyone to break through the barriers of what was once thought impossible.

Our Values

Working at Peerplays is an opportunity to directly contribute to the evolution of the blockchain space and mass adoption of crypto. It’s a chance to be part of a historic movement.

problem solvers


Don’t wait for someone to assign you a task or give you ideas. Take the lead and ask for feedback along the way.

value teamwork

Team Player

Working well with others is a key part of our success to make sure you and the team are aligned in your responsibilities, collaborate as much as possible.

encourage creativity

Never Settle for Good Enough

Don’t just stop at ‘good’ - go for the great. And be proud of it and inspire others to do so as well!

encourage creativity


Always be open to sharing your work and progress. Never fear asking nor afraid to speak your mind.

encourage creativity


Treating others with respect and offering positive criticism is not only the right thing to do, but also create an environment where creativity thrives.

encourage creativity

Community Driven

Keep an open mind and pay attention to current trends, community needs and feedback, as well as any changes in blockchain.

“Great leadership, new ideas and innovation are always welcomed, and the vision keeps the team motivated.”

Performance Marketing Manager


“I’ve been enjoying my time at Peerplays since joining 5 months ago. So far, the projects that I’m working on are very exciting!”




career growth

Career Growth

remote friendly


competitive compensation

Competitive Compensation

crypto payment

Crypto Payment

Why Work Here

Our goal is to find the most enthusiastic, forward-thinking, creative, and talented individuals looking to join us as we humanize the crypto experience for everyone.

Apply Today and Join The Team
  • Competitive salary
  • Room to grow
  • Work with talented people
  • Build a life-long career in Blockchain
  • Transparency and autonomy
  • International team
  • Flexible hours
  • Culture of learning
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Decommissioned Nuclear Bunker as an onsite office



Years in Operation

How We Hire

On average 2~4 week interview process with 2 interviews.

Hire 1

Application Review

Hire 2

Short Quiz

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We Are Global

We offer the opportunity to build the next wave of technical innovation, humanize the crypto experience, and build powerful tools that other blockchain companies haven’t even thought of, while working in an exciting and encouraging environment with friendly people, in a decommissioned nuclear bunker in Debert, Nova Sociata, Canada - or remote!

Current Openings

About Peerplays

Peerplays is an open-source blockchain that provides the fastest, most decentralized network consensus model available today. Built with Graphene technology and Gamified Proof of Stake (GPoS), Peerplay’s graphene core allows for speedier transaction processing times while still maintaining total security through gamification incentives like rewards which can be earned by voting and being active in the Peerplays community.