If we go back 30 years from now, video gaming was barely a popular hobby, and investors were hardly convinced to invest in it. Now, video gaming has become a billion-dollar industry. Although blockchain in gaming is a new technology, it is becoming increasingly popular among gamers worldwide. In 2021 alone, blockchain gaming investments reached $2.5...
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People have been using lotteries as a form of entertainment for over two thousand years. The first recorded signs come from the Chinese Han Dynasty. The Romans are also known to have played an early form of it. But now, with the revolutionary innovation of random number generation (RNG), crypto enthusiasts can be assured that they...
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Did you know that decentralisation can be observed in an ant colony? Ants have everything going according to the rules that have been set in place for their society. This provides an interesting perspective on how decentralized decision-making works. Yes, ants do have queens. But they still act as autonomous units with specific tasks assigned...
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As we know, manufacturing is one of the most important industries in the world. It is responsible for producing our everyday use essentials and also providing jobs for millions of people. And with the technological advancements rapidly taking place in today’s world, the manufacturing industry is experiencing massive changes. One of those technologies is blockchain,...
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