Peerplays is building decentralized, innovative and secure blockchain solutions.
Become a witness today and be part of the Peerplays journey!
Set up your own witness nodes and get rewarded with ‘early bird’ tokens
exclusive to Peerplays witnesses!

What is a Peerplays Witness?


The short answer is, witnesses run the Peerplays blockchain! By producing Peerplays blocks, each witness in our blockchain community can positively impact the blockchain eco-system.

What is a Witness Node?


Each witness node validates all blocks and transactions it receives. The nodes of elected witnesses take turns in bundling new transactions into blocks and broadcasting them to the network!

You must be voted into the community.
To do this, you need the support of existing Peerplays token holders!
Only then can a decision on your future as a block producer candidate become a reality!
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