Our 2023 Vision

As we look ahead to 2023, Peerplays remains committed to empowering people’s freedom to create remarkable outcomes in how they own and collaborate worldwide. Our products are ideally suited for individuals and organizations who value autonomy and seek the benefits of decentralized systems.


With control over their identity and online activities, our growing community leverages the power of blockchain technology in their applications without the added complexities that traditional systems employ. By offering simple, user-friendly and decentralized products, we are making it easier than ever for people to experience the benefits of decentralized technology and achieve their goals.

The core foundation for Peerplays success in 2023 relies primarily on the release and promotion of mechanisms incorporating decentralized ID, gamification, and ‘handshake’ like onboarding that is easily accessible to people who use smartphones. The approach we take is applying technology to market needs rather than technology first. This will mean taking a radical approach to blockchain technology in ways that have not yet been considered. We will need to be encouraged to ask questions about how things are done now and endeavor to provide that to people in an empowering fashion. Download the Peerplays Vision 2023 document for more details.