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At Peerplays, we're on a mission to create a global, humanistic blockchain experience that enables everyone to own, collaborate, and innovate with complete freedom and security. Be part of the journey, contribute as a witness, and help shape the future of blockchain technology Collaborate & Innovate
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Are you passionate about building groundbreaking tools using blockchain technology? Join our talented team and contribute your skills to our mission.
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Peerplays is at the forefront of developing decentralized, innovative, and secure blockchain solutions that are paving the way for a new era of digital trust.
As a witness on the Peerplays blockchain, you have the unique opportunity to contribute to this revolutionary technology and be an integral part of its ongoing development. By setting up your own witness nodes, you can not only help secure the network but also earn rewards in the form of exclusive ‘early bird’ tokens that are available only to Peerplays witnesses. Join us today to witness the evolution of blockchain technology with Peerplays!

What is a Peerplays Witness?


At the core of the Peerplays blockchain lies the crucial role of witnesses – the individuals who ensure the seamless and secure functioning of the network by producing blocks. By participating as a witness in our thriving blockchain community, you have the power to contribute to the growth and development of the entire ecosystem. Your actions as a witness impact the speed, efficiency, and security of the network, making it a more reliable and trustworthy platform for users worldwide. Embrace the opportunity to be a vital part of the Peerplays blockchain and help shape the future of this cutting-edge technology!

What is a Witness Node?


At the heart of the Peerplays blockchain lies a highly decentralized network of witness nodes, each of which plays a vital role in validating all blocks and transactions it receives. As elected witnesses take turns bundling new transactions into blocks and broadcasting them to the network, the collective power of these nodes ensures the integrity and security of the entire system. With this innovative approach to blockchain technology, the Peerplays community has created a platform that is highly resilient to malicious attacks, ensuring the trust and confidence of users across the globe. By participating as a witness node, you become an essential part of this powerful network, helping to uphold its reliability and security for the benefit of all.

Becoming a witness on the Peerplays blockchain requires the support of the entire community, as only those who receive the backing of existing token holders can secure the votes needed to take on this crucial role. By clicking the link below and taking the first steps towards becoming a witness, you are signaling your commitment to the Peerplays community and your dedication to ensuring the success of this groundbreaking technology. Join us today and be a part of shaping the future of Peerplays!