What is Peerplays?

Peerplays is the first ever blockchain
Humanizing your experience of crypto.

Join the movement to bring you crypto ecosystems that
understand you, build relationships & maximize your freedom.

In 2016, Peerplays was founded with a simple mission: to provide you with powerful, decentralized tools that give you freedom, options, and prosperity.

Fast forward to 2022, we’ve expanded our team to over 30 people of talented developers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. We’re multicultural, multinational, and work from every part of the world! We’re always hiring!

We’re building a powerful DEX, a seamless NFT store, and dApp tools. We understand the many issues that plague this industry; That’s why we started Peerplay because of our need to decentralize and connect networks! Sidechain Operation Nodes (SONs) are an innovative technology created by us that allows connecting blockchains together in ways no other blockchain can match when it comes down to security and functionality – With these tools available on-chain as well off, there will be more possibilities than ever before opened up by creating freedom within industries all across society.

What is Peerplays

Peerplays is an open-source blockchain that provides the fastest, most decentralized network consensus model available today. Built with Graphene technology and Gamified Proof of Stake (GPoS), Peerplay’s graphene core allows for speedier transaction processing times while still maintaining total security through gamification incentives like rewards which can be earned by voting and being active in the Peerplays community.

At Peerplays, we are dedicated to:

●  providing you tools of freedom

●  connecting with other blockchains

●  building innovative blockchain products

●  Being transparent about our operations

●  Enriching your crypto experience