What is Peerplays Doing?

What is Peerplays Doing

The Peerplays community is constantly looking for new inefficiencies to provide solutions for. Here is a small sample of the problems they are working on solving now.

New P2P Encrypted Network Layer for Dapp Communications

Introducing a new network layer to the Peerplays blockchain to set the foundations for greater performance, security, and simplify the communication mechanism used by the blockchain.

High Efficiency Indexing and Database Management

Multi-tiered database management instances that will continue to scale as the users scale, providing the necessary resources for more connections and faster response times according to the needs of the Dapp. This alleviates  load management for Dapp deployment, and further supports decentralization efforts.

Secure Data Storage Layer for Bulk Data

Utilizing the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) combination of requesting nodes connecting to providing nodes utilizing the storage of data by way of hash, any node in the network can now provide a location for a requestor of the needed data.

Smart Token Management Framework

Provide the ability to define modular composable structures for token implementation and control. Removing the need for the Dapp developers to have their hand in the distribution of such token ecosystems, enabling new organic gamified smart contracts to flourish as they gain adoption in their applications.

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