What has Peerplays done?

What has Peerplays done?


Provincial, State and Federal governments have worked for decades to establish fair and provably fair by-laws that allow not for profit organizations to hold money-raising raffles and draws.

The Peerplays community came together and created Easy5050. This revolutionary system takes the trust from a centralized organization and puts all transactions on the blockchain, using a purpose-designed Random Number Generator (RNG) so that winners are chosen fairly, safely, and transparently


The sports betting and prediction industry has been plagued with unfair results grading, commission taking, and account freezing. This affects casual and professional alike, and creates a barrier of fear to a highly desired industry.

The Peerplays community built an entirely decentralized peer-to-peer betting platform that takes the power away from any single entity. Since there is no centralized governing body, accounts can not be shut down and money can not be withheld. BookiePro seamlessly communicates with the Peerplays blockchain, and allows betting on any sport or activity that reliable data feeds provide results for. 

Peerplays RNG

While there exists many organizations to investigate and verify the credibility of the Random Number Generators on the market, near none of them are truly provably fair, and consumers are forced to lay trust in centralized verification agencies. 

The Peerplays community turned to the Peerplays blockchain to createPeerplays RNG, a RNG product  that uses the latest blockchain technology to ensure complete and provable randomness. A random number is generated from secret hashes of the previous and current block, which are combined into a single data stream and algorithm-encoded, then fed into a random number generator as a seed. All automatic, all verifiably random.


The streaming industry saw unprecedented growth during the late 2010s. As such, the systems in place within the industry were often unfairly weighted to the provider, not the content creator.  

StreamersEdge is a revenue generating tool that allows broadcasters to increase donations, all while creating meaningful and recyclable content. StreamersEdge allows viewers to make conditional donations – that is, donations that you will only receive if you complete a task associated with the donations. This process all happens on-chain, and donations end up ONLY in the content creators pocket.