We strive to be a network that overcomes the blockchain trilemma and offers all three: scalability, security, and decentralization. We’re committed to bringing you a new paradigm of technology.

We believe in giving you the best tools possible. We want to be that one blockchain everyone links with because they know we offer freedom, flexibility, and human-friendly systems while still maintaining high-security standards for our community.

We’re applying everything we’ve learned over our years of research and implementation and making blockchain accessible and prosperous for various industries like gaming, entertainment, the internet of things, healthcare, and others.

What makes Peerplays, Peerplays?

We provide you with decentralized systems and tools to help you regain control, power, and freedom. We call for an empathetic approach that mirrors human interactions, rather than machine-like approaches. We’re getting the world of blockchain connected through SONs.

SONs offer an innovative way to communicate between blockchains that opens the door for new possibilities in terms of scalability and interoperability. Peerplays’ SONs are decentralized, trustless, elective which means they can keep security at bay while still allowing decentralization, speed, and scalability – all without sacrificing any!

Public open decentralized blockchains are the way to go. We here at Peerplays will not create any centralized or manipulated blockchain.