Welcome to BookiePro, the World’s Betting Exchange! Thank you for downloading the app and taking part in this first stage of a revolution in betting. A betting exchange is a powerful tool for the sports bettor, but there is a little bit of extra knowledge you need before getting started. Read on to learn more about how to get the most out of BookiePro.


Create an Account

Signing up for BookiePro is easy and requires no personal information. After you have downloaded the desktop app, follow the instructions below.

  • Open BookiePro from your desktop;
  • Create an Account Name:
  • Must be between 3 and 63 characters in length;
  • Cannot start with a hyphen ( – );
  • Must start and end with a lower-case letter;
  • May contain only lower-case letters, numbers, and hyphens ( – );
  • A random 52-character password will be generated. Save your account name and password. They cannot be recovered if you forget or lose them; 
  • Follow the prompts to complete the account setup;
  • Sign in and start betting.


Placing a Bet on BookiePro

BookiePro is a betting exchange, which allows you to place a bet by either Backing (as bettors normally do – betting for something to happen) or Laying (like a sportsbook would do – betting on something NOT to happen).

For more on this topic, read Back vs. Lay.

BookiePro has no ‘house.’ This means that the bets you place will be matched by other users who want to take the opposite side of your bet. Once matched, they cannot be edited or cancelled. Only unmatched bets can be edited or cancelled.

For more on this topic, read Unmatched vs. Matched.

To get started:

  1. Choose a sport from the menu on the left;
  2. Select the appropriate League (NFL, EPL, etc);
  3. Select the game or match you wish to place a bet on (e.g. England v Germany);
  4. Select the market you wish to bet on (e.g. Moneyline);
  5. Place the bet.

Betting Markets

A betting market can be seen as a question and a list of possible answers to that question. For example, in a Moneyline betting market, the question is, “Which team is going to win this game?” The list of answers (or “selection”) to that question would, for example, be, 1) England, or 2) Germany. By making a bet, the bettor is effectively choosing an answer to the question.

For more on this topic, read Introduction to Betting Markets.


Odds on BookiePro are in decimal odds. For example, if England has odds of 2.5 to win and you stake 10 mBTF on them to win, your potential payout is calculated as follows:

Stake x Odds = Potential Payout


10 mBTF x 2.5 = 25.00 mBTF

Your profit in this example is your payout (25 mBTF) less the stake (10 mBTF), for a total of 15 mBTF.

For more on this topic, read Introduction to Odds.

Offering New Odds

Placing bets at odds that suit *you* is at the core of the BookiePro experience! If you are not happy with the odds being offered at any time – back your own judgment and submit your own.

Stake, Liability, and Exposure

Stake is the monetary amount placed on a back bet. If the outcome does NOT win, you lose this amount.

The individual who lays a bet is responsible for paying out the potential winnings of the back bet, and the monetary risk is referred to as Liability. For example, laying a 10 mBTF bet at 2.10 odds, your liability – the amount you stand to lose – is 11 mBTF.

For more on this topic, read Stake and Liability.

Exposure is the total amount you stand to lose, over all of your placed back and lay bets, at any given time. 

Settled Bets

Bets are normally settled within approximately 15 minutes of the event finishing though often much sooner. Exceptions can occur if there are delays in reporting final results by the third party data feeds that BookiePro uses.

You may also visit “FAQ” for more questions and answers.