Are you a Peerplays Witness running an older mainnet version? Are you curious about why you should upgrade and how and the benefits of the upcoming release? 

In this post, we’ll break down all the new changes and what upgrading entails.

It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest mainnet release to keep your nodes running smoothly. That way, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way and you’ll be able to take advantage of new features and updates.

Why upgrade & how

As always, we recommend upgrading to the latest mainnet version as soon as possible. There’s a new upcoming release. This release has already been deployed and tested by some witnesses. It includes many important bug fixes and feature enhancements. You can read more about the highlights of this version in this article. Upgrading is easy – simply head over to the following link below to upgrade to the mainnet release.

The mainnet release is available at→ 

Subsequently, you can find a complete installation guide available on this page → 

The benefits of upgrading to the upcoming mainnet release

The main updates and why we need to upgrade is because of the following:

1. Blockchain replay related bugs when restarting and syncing  a node in many scenarios are fixed

Blockchain sync and replay had few edge cases were the nodes had to re-sync the blockchain database upon interruption of replay and sync process. These  replay-related bugs were an annoyance when restarting node operations, especially for the witnesses.This meant needing to wait for the entire blockchain to replay on every restart. The issues that caused this related to various threads of activities that were not closing properly when shutdown command was issued. Thread handling within the p2p and sync mechanisms have all been addressed to bring rock solid responsiveness to shutdown and restart sequences. 

2. Bitcoin version 22.0 support for Bitcoin-SONs upgraded

Bitcoin-SONs is the technology that enables secure croschain transactions between Peerplays blockchain and the Bitcoin network. Version 22.0 of this protocol has been released and it allows for greater flexibility in how Peerplays cross-chain consensus works with Bitcoin.

3. OS support for Ubuntu 20.04 is officially released (support for Ubuntu 18.04 continues)

Support for the latest Ubuntu 20.04 LTS version has added . This new release includes updates and features for a better computing experience. We also ensured that 18.04 continues to be supported in order to provide backwards compatibility for many who still use 18.04. We will continue to maintain support for Ubuntu 18.04 until April 2023, ie end of standard support timeline.

4. Support for BOOST versions above 1.67 is incorporated (to FC library)

This new support ensures bug fixes and performance enhancements provided by the BOOST library, which Peerplays and all Graphene-based chains are built with, keep the core running optimally. So be sure to upgrade today.

5. Stability and bug fixes to SONs, refactoring of the code base & addition of new cli_wallet commands

We have been refactoring the code base to make it more robust and easier to maintain. We’ve addressed numerous bugs and added enhancements across the board.

6. GPOS participation rewards now include blockchain transaction fees to help increase security in the selection of witnesses, SONs, and Advisors.

This provides a unique and new opportunity to have your PPY grow by helping secure its network operations. PowerUP your PPY and select Witnesses, Advisors, and SONs. Make sure to check in on a regular basis at least monthly or your PowerUP will decay along with your rewards. All operations are on chain as part of the GPOS consensus, with rewards coming from the transactions within the Peerplays blockchain itself. This means with every DEX trade, with every Sweeps ticket, with every NFT minted, or a BookiePro exchange placed, you as a GPOS participant will get the transaction fees generated within the blockchain of all users proportional to your PowerUP balance. 

7. NEW Feature – Latest node version consolidation for witness nodes

In the past there was a great deal of difficulty for witnesses to rejoin the network with so many older incompatible nodes broadcasting invalid blocks. With witness nodes agreeing to the current version they operate by, and no longer responding to older ones, the overall stability and performance of the network will be enhanced.

Stay informed about upcoming mainnet releases

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Keep Your Node Up-to-Date with the Latest Release

Upgrade to the latest release today! The new mainnet includes bug fixes and performance enhancements. Upgrade quickly, so you can keep your node running smoothly without any problems or delays.

The link to the mainnet release is available at → 

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