Senior Technical Product Manager

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May 9


Job description

Have a Dream to Be Part of an Open Source International Team?

Peerplays is an open source, public, decentralized blockchain project which has been in development since 2016. With dozens of developers from around the world of every background, you will be joining a team that is dedicated to introducing new cutting edge technologies that even the blockchain industry at large are either only talking about, or haven’t even thought of yet!

A community of forward thinking developers, marketers, idea people, and leaders from around the world all collaborate to help create blockchain technologies that are meant to bring more freedom through peer-to-peer transactions between people and organizations worldwide.

There are no closed discussions here. We share development in the open both in our regular day to day chat as well as in the open public repo in Gitlab/hub.

As a matter of fact, we encourage you to visit the repo and see the size of the codebase you will be working with:

We will not discriminate or ask for your private medical information.

Does this sound like the kind of team you been looking to work with? If so, please read on!

To help everyone continue to grow Peerplays offerings, we’re in search of an experienced Technical Product Manager to lead our multi-disciplinary development team. As an ideal candidate, you will have a keen eye for gaps in consumer product offerings and the innovative mindset to fill them. You’re a highly skilled market analyst with a proven ability to strategize the full lifecycle of product production — from conception through release!

If this is you, we should talk:

Passion for problem-solving
Follows leading industry trends
Motivated to learn new technologies
Composed under pressure
Great team player
Ability to juggle multiple priorities

Objectives of this Role

Uncover and understand customer needs and translate them into requirements.
Ability to work well with internal teams, including developers, engineers, architects, quality assurance, and operations. Ensure requirements are fully understood and that implementation plans match expectations.
Understand, research, and follow technical trends in the industry and in general. Able to assess emerging products and companies to measure their potential value or threat to the company and its products, as well as make recommendations on which new technologies to invest in or leverage.
Follow competitors and conduct capability analysis regularly.
Provide internal and customer training on how to use the product.
Answer incoming questions about the product and its capabilities.
Assess and address technical risks.
Understand and analyze data pipelines, algorithms, and automated systems.
Serve as a product evangelist and subject matter expert to the technical/developer community.
Coordinate beta tests.
Use database queries to analyze performance indicators, evaluate experiments, etc.
Define success criteria for testing and product acceptance.
Facilitate the creation and maintenance of proper product documentation.

Job requirements


Proven experience overseeing all elements of the product development lifecycle
Strong experience in a dynamic product management role
Highly effective cross-functional team management
3+ years of experience in C++/Python/Javascript
Any knowledge in Blockchain Technology (understand basics like public/private keys)
Proven experience working as a product developer in a non-managerial role
Experience working with the BOOST C++ library
BS+ degree in Product Design, Computer Science or Engineering
Knowledge of C++ with STL (Standard Template Library)
Experience with algorithms/data structures knowledge
Good OOP knowledge
Software development lifecycle experience
Able to write test cases as well as testable C++ code


Any experience with C++11/C++14
Any working or theoretical knowledge of the graphene C++ library
Familiarity with Agile methodology
Ability to resolve issues proactively to deliver high quality products

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of the biggest technology revolution since the Internet itself. We invite all A++ candidates to join in and have your name become a part of something special.

This is an open and public project, which means you will be able to showcase your work to others without privacy agreements holding you back. Even better, you will gain experience that will catapult your career as a dev to the next level.

Offering generously fair compensation for team contributors. Full-time salary will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Team at Peerplays are looking forward to working with the successful candidates who will help build the next generation of tools for this generation.