In this tutorial, we’ll show you step-by-step how to deposit Bitcoin into Peerplays DEX. You can then use your deposit to trade the different pairs available (you can buy PPY!) or withdraw your Bitcoin.

STEP #1:

First, you’ll need to create an account on Peerplays DEX (if you don’t already have one).

It’s simple: head over to and create an account.

Once you click ‘CREATE AN ACCOUNT’, you’ll be asked to choose a ‘Public Account Name’ and a ‘Password.’ 

Your ‘Public Account Name’ will be publicly displayed and is your identifier, account name, and memo.

Once you’ve chosen a ‘Public Account Name’ and a ‘Password’, click ‘ CREATE’.

You have now created an account on Peerplays DEX – congratulations!

This will be your page once you’re in.

STEP #2:

In order to deposit Bitcoin into your Peerplays Wallet, you’ll need two addresses; a deposit and withdraw address.

Your deposit address is the address to which you’ll be depositing your Bitcoin. This Deposit address will be the address you’ll be sharing with others if you wish to receive Bitcoin.

Your withdraw address is the address to which you’ll be using to withdraw your deposit Bitcoin later on (when you decide to withdraw).

To generate a Bitcoin Address on Peerplays Wallet, simply head over to the top left of your screen and click on the 3 parallel lines.

Then, choose ‘Bitcoin Transactions.’

You’ll see this page.

You must enter the Public Key of your Deposit Address, the Withdraw Public Key, and the Withdraw Address.

Depending on the wallet that you’re using, you may have to use a tool like in order to find your Public Key if it’s not already displayed in your wallet.

Wasabi Wallet, for example, displays your Public key. 

But wallets like Trust Wallet and Exodus require you to use external tools like to find your Public Key.

In this example, we’ll be using Wasabi Wallet as the Deposit address and Exodus as the Withdraw address.

As you can see in the image below, the Deposit Address (Wasabi Wallet) is bc1qhlu97p4ehnvt2274na5xqra5n8a8cnumavatn3

The Deposit Public Key is 02d5a014ec94974a01b5b81550bbcf6a629715140d38e7da5f1c2c71ccdcd8b61c

The Withdraw Address (Exodus Wallet) is bc1qrk768lztvrjduama2ruuut9eweamtz5ru4vmhl

But we must find the Withdraw Private Key.. Here’s how:

Open your wallet. As seen in the image above, click on the three dotted lines and click “View Private Keys.” Then Click” Yes, I’m sure.”

Next, type your account password.

And now you’ll see your Bitcoin deposit Address as well as your Private Key. Copy the address that starts with bc1 and it’s Private key.

The Withdraw Private Key is L5896NkkABQ9PCcWHQiM1tAyFWoPtaEf1uLRQ5eG7nTvzXeXY29g

We will now use the Private Key to find out our Public Key. Simply head over to Then, click “Wallet Details”. 

Paste your Private Key and click “View Details.” 

You will find your Public Key over here. Make sure you copy and paste the compressed, 66 characters [0-9A-F] and NOT the 130 Characters key.

We now have the Deposit Public Key, the Withdraw Public Key, and the Withdraw Address. 

Deposit Public Key (Wasabi Wallet – already displayed): 02d5a014ec94974a01b5b81550bbcf6a629715140d38e7da5f1c2c71ccdcd8b61c

Withdraw Public Key (Exodus Wallet – found through 038F14B6B61EF0AE7EF8317E757807CA8322257C96D54635979C1FBBB899621AF2

Withdraw Address (Exodus Wallet): bc1qrk768lztvrjduama2ruuut9eweamtz5ru4vmhl

Paste the Public Keys and Withdraw Address and click “Generate.”

Type your account password and click “Unlock.”

Congratulations, you have successfully generated a Bitcoin Sidechain deposit address! That wasn’t so hard, was it? 😀

You can withdraw your BTC whenever you want to as well. Additionally, you can change your withdrawal address and update it to a new one too – all you have to do is paste the new Withdraw Public Key and the Withdraw Address and click on ‘UPDATE’. 

IMPORTANT!: Always send your funds to the Deposit Address (Wasabi Wallet) which in this case is bc1qhlu97p4ehnvt2274na5xqra5n8a8cnumavatn3

You’ll always be able to withdraw your funds to the Withdraw Address displayed on this page. To withdraw Bitcoin, ensure that you have access to your Bitcoin Withdrawal Address and choose the amount you want to withdraw and click “Withdraw.”

If you feel skeptical/hesitant about any part of this, please consider creating test wallets.

If you experience any bugs or issues trading on our DEX, please report them at  so that they can be addressed as quickly as possible. To avoid duplication of tickets, we kindly ask you to check to make sure the issue isn’t already logged by another user.

About Peerplays:

Peerplays is an open-source blockchain that provides the fastest, most decentralized network consensus model available today. Peerplays is built with Graphene technology and Gamified Proof of Stake (GPoS), bringing a new paradigm of fairness, trust, speed, and security. 

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