How to set up a Peerplays’ Witness Node [Part 1]

First, you’ll need to visit Peerplays’ DEX in order to create an account.

Once you’ve created an account you’ll need to fund your account.

Simply click the 3 parallel lines on the top left corner and and click on ‘Exchange’.

In the ‘Exchange’ page, choose the trading pair that you would like to trade with to obtain your PPY (which will be used to setting a Witness Node).

In the video example, we’re trading HIVE for PPY.

Then, access your HIVE wallet and send the HIVE to the Peerplays DEX by including the address as @ ‘son-account’ as seen in the picture below. It’s important to include your Public Name Account in the MEMO (otherwise your account won’t be identified!)

Once you’ve successfully funded your account, go to ‘My Assets’ by clicking on the 3 parallel lines on the top left corner.

Within moments, you’ll see that your HIVE (or whichever token you’ve sent) have arrived into your account.

Now, go back to the ‘Exchange Page’ and use your HIVE to buy some native PPY tokens. (To set up a Witness Node, you’ll need to hold at least 15 PPY. )

If you hold the mimiment requirement for setting up a Witness Node (15 PPY), then go to ‘Settings’ by clicking on the 3 parrarel lines on the top left corner.

You must “upgrade your account’ by going to ‘MEMBERSHIP’ and clicking on ‘BUY LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION’. This is necessary for creating a Witness Account.

You’ve successfully completed the first part regarding Setting up a Peerplays Witness Account.