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The game of “economic moats” within most public blockchains has made it hard for people to join in. It’s a technology that is meant to bring safety and freedom to people everywhere on earth. When you try to use blockchain networks though, you feel like you are treated like a machine, instead of a person. This has led to poor system designs that have not fixed the hard part, making a system that doesn’t feel like you are being controlled.

This means the longer people use these systems we will see: – Corruption from a small group controlling everything
– People feeling disconnected from what they are doing
– Safety of the network to fail in ways no one has seen yet

If we can agree, that the reason we come together around the idea of decentralization or free-will so strongly is because at the heart of this, we really are expressing a desire to have systems that honor our choice of freedom, while making certain we are not feeling controlled by some-one or something else, then this serves as the foundational principle in what should be our mission intent.

We believe that the peer-to-peer (P2P) new world economy begins with putting people first. Self-governing crypto experience layer provides antifragility. An emotionally intelligent feeling for crypto hodlers around the world who value being treated as people rather than machines is key.

When you combine P2P technology with emotional intelligence, you get Peerplays. Peerplays began in 2016 with an over-all purpose to work in the gaming market as a means to getting to mass-adoption. The under-pinning belief in token diversity at its heart, and self-governance through working-together.

The success it had was limited at best, and a total failure at worst. Competing interests in a decentralized public blockchain can lead to loss of mission purpose. Organizations which supported and used decentralized public blockchains, also discovered through their extensive research and development work, that the technology itself in blockchain generally is hard to work with and apply in a world built for a controlled Internet infrastructure. 

Many great breakthroughs were made in Peerplays over the years however from a technology-based view. What matters now, is how these new things are applied. It is not the invention that changes the world, it’s how we connect with it.

Today, we all stand together before a crossroads in human history. We all are faced with competing forces in the world. These new emerging technologies can increase the controlling power of a small elite class over the masses.They can also enable greater choice and freedom to you wherever you are in the world.

We believe that freedom can increase through easy to understand protocols. Peerplays can help unite the different networks, which are still in their infancy. Help gain strength against those who attempt to control your future rather than enrich it. By doing this, empower you to survive and thrive in today’s world simply joining like minded individuals.

Join us as we lead the way towards an ever advancing civilization where your prosperity, freedom, and justice multiplies. The journey begins HERE.

Authored by Jonathan Baha’i

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