The Peerplays Community

The Peerplays community has grown to over thousands of individuals and organizations, all with the same goal in mind: To create a better, safer and more fair world. Some notable community members include.


The Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association has announced a significant contribution in an investment round in Avalon Meta, the Indian startup combining higher education and competitive gaming.

Furthering its position as “the gaming blockchain,” Peerplays’ role in Avalon Meta will be twofold. First, it will bring expertise in gamification; a means of encouraging engagement and increasing usage. Second, the Peerplays blockchain will become home to the platform’s products, including specialized NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) and an ecommerce type extension when launched.

Marine Corps League New Hampshire Department

The Marine Corps League in New Hampshire, USA has implemented a white label version of Peerplays-based Easy5050. Easy5050 is a fundraising tool for non-profits and other organizations, taking the popular 50/50 draw online and decentralizing the process in favor of fairness and transparency.

With a complete front-end redesign of the existing application, Easy5050 was built to spec for the client and implemented all-new features such as the addition of progressive draws and a “push-to-resolve” functionality to determine the winner.

Unnamed Casino Tokenization

The Peerplays blockchain is set to play a major role in launching an esports lounge within a popular, worldwide casino brand. The vision is to create a digital ecosystem, with intersections for how the customers interact with real-world activities within the venue, and activities taking place in the digital world.

Customers are rewarded for interacting with the casino’s brand, and earn loyalty points (aka tokens), which they can later use to complete transactions within the venue’s on- and offline ecosystem. The token also acts as an identity point for the customer within the casino and esports lounge areas.