Bitcoin mining is nearly impossible
for everyone. Peerplays is not.

Become a Peerplays Witness and get in
on the next generation of Blockchain.

Peerplays is the first decentralized and safest graphene network. Be a part of the evolution and earn ’early bird’ PPYs (Peerplays’ Token). Set up your own node now.

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    Be part of the evolution of blockchains

    Peerplays is on a mission to‘humanize’ crypto. Support the cause by validating transactions and get rewarded with PPY.

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    Low-computing Power

    Witnesses don’t need an ultra-high-tech processor. A modestcomputer will do.

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    Reap The Benefits of Early Adopters

    Get in on the ‘new beginnings’ of Peerplays and be among the first to make history!

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    Earn PPY

    PPY is like Bitcoin’s little brother, helping it out by improving the blockchain experience. It’s Peerplays’ native token.

Become a Witness and get in early on the

next generation of Blockchain development!

Help power up the Peerplays’ Network by signing blocks, providing cross-chain consensus. Earn early PPY tokens.

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What is a Witness Node?

Become a Peerplays Witness and be rewarded by operating a server that confirms, processes, and validates blocks and transactions on the Peerplays Blockchain.


Peerplays Witnesses and SON Operators

Those who produce blocks, keep things democratically running on the network. They have an overarching impact on all PPY token holders. Most importantly, they collaborate to keep everything running smoothly!.

Accumulate PPY and Get Rewarded for your Patience

It’ll be an exciting time for you to watch your PPY multiply as you wait until the release of an incredibly beautiful, new DEX and NFT store. Till then, blockchain believers are required to HODL.


How to become a Peerplays Witness?

You must be voted in. To do this, you need the support of PPY token holders, and only then can a decision on your future as a block producer candidate manifest itself into reality! But it’s much easier than you think!

Be one of the early Node Operators of a

Blockchain Network on a mission!

Join the Peerplays revolution and become a witness for out decentralized network.

You’ll be rewarded in PPY while helping us reach our milestones.

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